Invest in Yourself – Set Clear Goals to Learn Spanish Quickly

One of the best investments you can make in yourself is to learn Spanish. You may have several reasons why you might be interested in learning Spanish. Perhaps you want to apply for a job that requires bilingual skills, or you may want to take an extended vacation to a Spanish speaking country, or you may want to be able to communicate with neighbors or new family members. Whatever your reason, learning Spanish is a great investment in yourself, and accomplishing this skill is not as hard as it might seem.

There are really numerous ways to learn Spanish. You could do it the old-school way and attend a class in your community. Or, you could use the Internet to find literally hundreds of online Spanish learning programs. You could purchase DVD-ROMs or CDs. The paths to learning Spanish are available to you, but you will need to think about which path best suits your learning style, your budget, your timeline for Spanish language proficiency, and your time available to devote to the process.

First, set goals.
A goal might be to learn business Spanish over a one-month period to prepare for a business meeting at your work.
A goal might be to learn conversational Spanish over a six-month period to prepare for a dream vacation.
A goal might be to learn 10 common Spanish greetings a month to speak Spanish with your neighbors or a new family member.
Set your goals based on your needs.

Second, investigate pathways.
A pathway might be studying business Spanish online.
A pathway might be studying conversational Spanish in a traditional community classroom.
A pathway might be purchasing CDs to practice Spanish as you make your daily commute.
Choose your pathway based on your learning style.

Third, consider your budget.
Your budget may allow for online learning choices.
Your budget may allow for tutoring.
Your budget may not allow for anything except free learning choices.
Choose learning choices that are in keeping with your budget.

Finally, allot time for yourself.
Make sure to allot time that is set aside for your investment in learning Spanish, and once the time is allotted, don’t let other issues eat away at that precious time. This doesn’t mean neglecting family or work. It does not mean neglecting yourself. It means planning your time and energy so that you work smarter, and ultimately enrich your life with your new skill.