High End Coaching – By Promoting Your Coaching Differently You Dramatically Increase Value

Are you one of the many thousands of professionals online offering coaching of some description? You meet regularly with your clients and in return they pay you a fee?

You might specialise in building relationships, toning the body, losing weight, building successful businesses, the list is truly endless and continues to grow.

The one common thread however, with a lot of coaches is that most are generating less than their true worth. They are earning sums similar or just a little less than they were earning when they were working full time for someone else. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are some steps that you can put in place that will enable you to rethink the income you currently generate. If you are earning below your true worth then a rethink is needed now.

A good place to start is to confirm that your coaching is really of value. Will your coaching change the lives of people who need it? Can you honestly state that when someone takes your coaching and follows through, they will see results! They will create the relationship of their dreams! Or they will tone their bodies! Or they will lose weight or build more successful businesses!

If you do run a weight loss program and someone follows your coaching program, step by step, will they lose the 2 stones excess weight they carry around?

Once you’ve established that your program does deliver the promised results, then its time to validate that information and look at its true value.

How much do you think it is really worth to your participants? What are they missing out on if they don’t take your program? How much different, better, rewarding will their lives be once they have achieved their goals?

You see if you can change the way you look at your coaching, see it for what it is really worth – then you can change the way your promote it whether its online or off.

For instance, let’s suppose your weight loss coaching program which you promote at $97 per month, takes up 4 hours of your time for each client. Can you see that you’ve valued your time at $24.25 per hour? Is that what your true value is?

Do you know that there are others in very similar coaching services, that are no cleverer than you, achieving in excess of $5,000 per hour online and they work for less than ten hours per week on their business.

What would that mean to you, to start earning your true worth and helping people who need your services?